Walk of Hope

One of the greatest joys I have in my chosen profession as photographer, is that I get to know my clients and their families. I learn who they are, I get to see their love for each other, I see their support, how they cherish each other and it often leaves my heart warmed for each client is truly an inspiration to me and my work. In meeting with each family, in getting to know who they are and what they love to do together as a family, it helps me create a portrait that truly reflects this family at this moment in time.

Some of my clients contact me as it has been a long time since their last family portrait, some contact me when they are ready to celebrate a milestone like Grandma’s 90th birthday, or Mom and Dad’s 35th wedding anniversary or a new baby has arrived in the family. But not all of my clients contact me because of a happy time in their lives. Some contact me when they are fighting cancer, a long term illness or a loved one has received a difficult diagnosis. I am honoured when a family shares with me their challenge and it is a priviledge for me to create a portrait that marks their fight.

This coming weekend, on September 9, 2012, Vermilion will host a “Walk of Hope” which will raise money for Ovarian Cancer Canada. A local team has rallied together to raise money and celebrate one Vermilion woman. Lyla has a true love of her family, she always makes my day with a smile and inquires on how I or my family is doing, and she is “rich” in the ways that truly count. I wish I could be there to walk with Lyla, so instead, I will use my voice to help fundraise for this worthwhile cause. If everyone helps a little, then a lot of science could be done to help pave the way for a cure. I worked in cancer research for ten years, believe me, it takes a lot of funding to make a little progress!

So to “Team Lyla”, we are with you in spirit, enjoy the walk with the company of good friends and we hope our donation will help. To donate to Team Lyla and to Ovarian Cancer Canada, please visit: Ovarian Cancer Canada’s Walk of Hope!

September 17, 2012 - 11:22 am

Lyla - Thank you Kim for your kind and beautiful words! You, my dear, have been an inspiration to me. Funny how that works.
Thank you again for the beautiful work you did with our family. My heart was truly ‘full’ after spending time with you and Brian and our family at theh park. Thank you!

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