Waiting for Halstyn | Lloydminster Newborn Photography

When I first met this momma-to-be, she didn’t know who the child was that she carried. I wanted to capture an image that showed the magic in the anticipation of her first child’s arrival. Who will this little person be? What will they be like, who will they grow up to be? I wanted to show how all this wonder disappears the second you see that little face and you realize that you knew all along in your heart who it was, that anticipation becomes a love that can rival the depths of the waves in the ocean. It is an amazing, wonderous, awesome moment all wrapped up in a deep love.

Can you feel her anticipation of meeting that sweet little babe, of longing to hold this baby in her arms and seeing that perfect face for the first time?
Dragon Hare Studios, Lloydminster newborn photography

It is always a fantastic moment for us to share in the first few days of life of a new little being. Thank you Nicole for allowing us to share in this magic with Halstyn. He is absolutely perfect!
Dragon Hare Studios, newborn photography, Lloydminster