Vermilion Photography Classes | Photography Basics

We are offering our Photography Basics class again in October through CLASS in Vermilion! If you would like to improve your photography skills, the first step is to understand how your camera *thinks*. In the first class, we will begin with understanding the components of a good photograph and how our camera manages them. In the second class, we will continue with this topic and touch on composition and lighting! If you want to see drastic improvements in your photography skills, I highly recommend this class! There will be lots of hands on practice and homework assignments to ensure you have mastered the concepts!

If you’ve ever wanted to capture amazing sunset skies that are not washed out, this class is for you! This one was captured using my cell phone – it will not matter what kind of camera you are using, it will only matter that you have a camera in your hands to practice with! See you there!

Oct 1 & 8 – 7-9pm. Register directly with CLASS!

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