Vermilion Grad Photography | Sexy? Feet!

Dragon Hare Studios – In a twist on our signature feet grad portraits, Laurel and Susie modeled for this portrait last fall!  Susie was not as agreeable to the portrait as Laurel had hoped!  In fact, after trying for several minutes to get Susie in place to pose, we finally got her settled and just as we went to photograph the image, Susie began to pee really letting us know what she thought of the whole process.  Needless to say, a bit of photoshop magic and Susie’s disagreeable nature disappeared from Laurel’s grad portrait!

Did you know we retouch our portraits?  This is different from “editing” as we go in and remove acne, threads on clothes, distracting elements in the background and cow pee!  We do not charge extra for retouching your portrait, we believe you are extraordinary and deserve a portrait that looks it’s very best!

If you would like outdoor grad portraits, consider having them done in the fall!  If you wait until spring, you will not have green grass or leaves on the trees or your portraits in time for your grad!  If you wait until winter, you won’t be able to do many outdoor portraits as it will be too cold!  Contact us today to begin planning your signature grad images!


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