Vermilion Family Photographer | What to do with those portraits?

Dragon Hare Studios – At Dragon Hare, we believe that you should enjoy your family portraits by displaying them with a beautiful wall portrait collage.  To us, a disc is not a finished product!  While we will sell a digital file, we feel a finished product is a framed print, a canvas wall collage, an album or greeting cards made with your portraits!

Not sure how to display your portraits?  Well, we can help!  In our planning session, we always find out where you want to feature your prints and the room colors present.  I would not suggest pink clothing if your living room wall is red!  We match the tones of the photograph, the location we photograph and the clothing we recommend with the finished product in mind!  Our goal is color harmony so your portrait is about you, rather than your clothing or what color you painted your walls!

Did you know, we encourage our clients to bring in a photograph of the wall they want to feature their portraits on?  We can place your portraits on your wall in your ordering session so you can ensure you are happy with the way they will look before you buy!

Our sessions are so much more than showing up to take your portrait and handing you digital files.  We plan out your session so you look great, the portraits look great on your wall and their quality is high enough to ensure they will be enjoyed by generations to come!

Vermilion Family Portraits, Dragon Hare Studios