Vermilion child portraits | Mother’s Day

Dragon Hare Studios – Hey tired Momma, I feel for you.  I know that you are tired.  I know that you are unsure of yourself.  I know that you hate your belly flab.  I know you think your thighs are too wide and there are too many wrinkles on your face.  I know that you hate that your hair didn’t get done perfectly and that your clothes don’t fit as well as they did a year ago.

I know this because I’m in the same place.

But guess what, those little people who call you Mommy?  They think you are beautiful.  They don’t see stretch marks, thick thighs or hair that needs it’s color fixed up.

They only see you.

Their rock, their security in life, their super hero.

I want you to see that too.  I want you to see how beautiful your love is for your child. 

I want you to forgive yourself for all the flaws you think you have.

I want you to bask in the love that those little people in your life have for you.

I want you to remember all of this because one day very soon, and I mean really soon, that little love won’t belong to you anymore.  They will move out, they will be busy making their mark on the world, and you will be sitting on the outside cheering them on.  They won’t be little for very long and believe me, in your sleep deprived state, that state where you look at other mom’s at school looking all put together and feel less than your perfect self, that state won’t last much longer.


Lloydminster Family portraits by Dragon Hare Studios

I say celebrate it.  Celebrate that baby belly because it means you are a mom.  Celebrate the grey hairs and the wrinkles because it means you have someone to worry about.  The stain on your shirt, the less than perfect snack for school, the forgotten thing you’d promise you do – let it all go because someday soon it won’t matter at all.

Instead, come in to the studio and celebrate it all.  The mess, the less than perfect body, the boogers, the stains, the grey hairs, wrinkles and mussed clothes.  Bring along your little people and sit down in front of the camera with your only focus being on them.  Let us create a portrait that you will look back on with only love in your eyes.

You are in the trenches of motherhood, embrace it, celebrate it, enjoy it for soon it will change as those little people blossom into adults in their own right.

Let us create a portrait of you as the less than perfect Mommy with the dirty child you tried to keep clean, and that absolutely perfect love you share for each other.

Join us in celebrating an imperfect motherhood in the most perfect portrait.

Vermilion family portraits by Dragon Hare Studios