Vermilion Baby Portraits | Kiss

Dragon Hare Studios – This is Emmitt.  Isn’t he handsome?  Look at those lips!  So tiny and so perfect.

Did you know that your baby is in safe hands for their baby portraits at Dragon Hare.  Brian has taken safe baby posing classes from a pediatric physiotherapist.  Why is this important?  Almost all the sleeping baby portraits that you see on the internet are composite images, including this one!  Babies simply cannot hold their head like this.  Babies joints are very fragile at this point in time.  Any undo stress on their joints like holding the weight of their head, can cause life long damage to their joints.  In our baby portraits, the baby is safely held in place by a helper, and carefully cushioned with a lot of padding to ensure their safety!

We take this pretty seriously at Dragon Hare – no unsafe poses, and composite images whenever possible to keep babe safe.  We also work in a team when photographing babies so exhausted new Mom’s can sit in a comfy chair, put her feet up and relax while we do all the work!

Welcome to the world oh so perfect Emmitt!  May you dream big dreams and achieve big things on your life’s journey.

Vermilion baby portraits by Dragon Hare Studios