Vermilion Award Winning Portraits | Team Canada

Dragon Hare Studios – I am and will always remain a student of the science of light known as photography.  I simply can’t get enough of the technical aspects of my craft.  I love attending conferences and workshops to build skills.

One of the ways I can check those skills is by entering print competitions.  There are many levels and types of print competitions – some are out there to make the owner money, some are out there to gain images to use for advertising, and some are out there simply to rate skills.  For me personally, I seek the competitions that are there to test my skills.  How do I know if I am continually improving in my craft if I don’t do this?

Sometimes, I feel completely naked when I enter.  Sometimes I feel angry and embarrassed that I didn’t catch a glaringly obvious error to the judges.  Sometimes I earn awards.  But all of the time, I lift those skills up and learn something which is the most important reason as to why I enter.

Earlier this year, I was asked to submit images for the World Photographic Cup.  This is the Olympics of photography competitions.  Every country participating selects their country’s best to represent them at a competition judged world wide.  Last week, Team Canada was announced for the 2018 competition.  There are 6 categories to enter and 3 finalists chosen for each category.  These finalists make up the Canadian entry in the World Photographic Cup.

I was beyond thrilled to learn that I had two entries earn a coveted finalist spot!  I have one entry in portrait and one in wedding!  What a thrill for this small town girl from the heart of the Canadian prairies!

What is even more of an honor is that two of the people I admire most as portrait photographers are the other two finalists in the portrait category.  They are arguably two of the best technical portrait shooters in Canada.  I might have cried a lot when I saw my name sitting next to theirs!  What a thrill!

So join me in cheering – let’s go Team Canada!!!!  Best of luck to all my fellow finalists in the World Photographic Cup!


Award winning portraits, Vermilion family photographer

About the images:

“When Life Hurts” is an image of my beautiful daughter Kalla.  A few years ago, she was bullied beyond belief in school.  The single occurrence gave her nightmares for weeks.  I wanted to give bullying a voice, I wanted to show that while bullying doesn’t leave physical scars, it does essentially the same thing with emotional scars which can be far more challenging to identify.  We can’t see the effects of bullying, but what it did to my child; well I created a visual image of what it did to her.

“Redneck Alter” is an image I created for a client on their wedding day.  I always ask my clients what they like to do together and I incorporate that into their portraits.  This helps tell a story about the people in the image.  In 100 years, I want a person looking at one of my images to know exactly what was going on in life for the people in the image.  This bride and groom were avid hunters – they spend all spring and summer practicing side by side, and in the fall they are out on the chase together!  This image created for them a truly unique piece of art that sums up the love that they share and it hangs in a place of pride in their home – right between the two hunting trophies you see in this image!