Wainwright Baby Photographer | His Story……a look back!

Sometimes, when you are lost in diaper changes, endless nights with no sleep, full on temper tantrums, or constantly cleaning up smeared on food, memories get muddled. It’s hard to remember the innocence of your newborn baby when your now toddler is screaming like a banshee in the grocery store. It’s hard to remember your toddler’s belly laugh when he/she is now a preschooler adamantly refusing to cooperate when you are trying to hurry out the door. Those memories get more muddled as life moves on and children grow up. It’s especially hard when it’s not the first, or second child that is growing up.

This is my “baby”. It seems like he was a baby forever ago, but really, it’s only been two years this week that he looked like this. I haven’t stopped chasing after him since – or digging out whatever bit of nasty he found on the ground to shove into his mouth. It’s hard to stop running, it’s hard to take a breather, but a couple of weeks ago, we sat him down so we could get his portrait. We are building a wonderful visual history of him so when those memories are really fuzzy, we can pull out the portraits and strengthen them again.

The portraits tell his story, one chapter at a time, so we can at any time, remind ourselves of where he’s been. I will continue to photograph him so that when he is grown, with a family of his own, he has a map of where he has been, a map that will also help guide him on where he should go next.

This is my baby, and this is his story.

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One Year:

newborn baby, grandmother

Two Years:
newborn baby, grandmother