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At Dragon Hare, we believe one of these images is “perfect” and the other one is absolutely perfect.

Here’s what we mean.

Contemporary Storytelling Family Portraits by Dragon Hare Studios

The image on the left is a fake.  It is a composite of six images, taken over five portrait sessions that were full of stress, had kids crying and the parents frustrated.  But alas, the portrait is “perfect”.

The image on the right was full of giggles and left the family with a fantastic memory.  It is absolutely perfect!

How do we know this?

Because this is our family!

We have young children.  We have teenagers.  Someone is always grumpy, someone is being a diva, someone is having a temper tantrum and someone else is getting dirty.  As a Mom, I never have a clean shirt because inevitably someone has wiped something gross on me, either with their nose, dirty mouth or hand.  Try as we might to look like the perfectly calm, cool and collected parents, let’s face it, there are five of them and only two of us.

This is our life, it won’t change as long as we have children at home.  We know that when our children have all left home, we will miss those slobbery kisses with sticky hands and the chaos of getting them all ready in time for school or games.

When we are much older, we will look back over the years of parenthood and we will remember the image on the right with a smile.  We will have no memory of the image on the left!  While we may wish for it to be our realty, it is really just a figment of our imagination and a product of fancy software and technical ability.

Looking at this tells you nothing about our family at all.  Most of us might look pretty happy but there really is no other information available to you when you look at this portrait.

Contemporary Storytelling Portraits by Dragon Hare Studios
Now contrast that by looking at this portrait.  It tells a story about what life is currently like for us.  Four active school-aged children and one little guy who tries very hard to keep up with the rest of the crew!  There are even hidden meanings in this portrait that we as a family will recognize instantly whenever we view this portrait!

Contemporary Storytelling Portraits by Dragon Hare Studios
We do this for all our portrait clients!

Are you an athlete?  When do you stand statically on the field?  You don’t, you are ready to guard, defend, score and conquer.  We show all of that in our sports portraits.

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Are you graduating?  Does your life right now revolve around racing out of school to get to a game or practice, grabbing supper on the goal and fitting in studying when you can?  All of this will change for you very soon as you transition to adulthood.

A traditional grad portrait just doesn’t say much about who you are, right now, on the doorstep of this transition in your life.


Why not mark this transition with a series of portraits that show everything you give your all to?  Hobbies, sports, your first truck, the dress, the friends or favourite TV show.  If you like it, include it for a unique portrait of your last year of living at home!



Why are we telling you all this?

It’s so you can “see” what it is that we do to make absolutely perfect portraits at Dragon Hare Studios.

We are contemporary portrait storytellers.  We utilize real life to tell unique stories about your family, your sport, your hobbies or your team.  We are passionate about creating portraits that aren’t “perfect” but are absolutely perfect for you!

Why do we do this?

Because we understand family life and believe every family, athlete, grad or bride should have a completely real portrait that tells your personal story, and because what we do isn’t a job.  Dragon Hare isn’t a business, it is our heart and it is our family.

Contemporary storytelling portraits.  Creating living memories for you and yours to enjoy for generations to come.

Contact us today so that we may start the process of creating that absolutely perfect portrait just for you!

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