High Contrast Closeups

Life is slowly starting to gain some normalcy for us. Instead of rushing home from work to unpack a few more boxes or make phone calls, I can come home and relax with my family. My camera is never more than an arm’s reach as I love taking photos just for fun. I had my macro lens on my camera and the kids were playing tag with me, when they would run close to me, I’d press the shutter on my camera to get a beautiful closeup before setting down my camera to tickle them! It was great fun! Once I got my images downloaded, I played with them in Adobe’s Lightroom. I was in a contrasty mood so I added a lot of contrast and a little bit of grain to the images and loved the results!

Once again, my camera captured a moment in time, and now I have the prints to forever remember a lazy afternoon playing with my kids!

Child Portrait

Child Portrait

Child Portrait

Autumn Comes to the Rocky Mountains

We had a day off on Saturday so we decided to take a day trip into Banff. We’ve been admiring the mountains from our vantage point here in Calgary, and they now have snow on the top of them again, but this week the colours started turning on the trees. I thought it would be a beautiful weekend to go explore Banff!

I fell down some stairs a week so with my bum foot, we couldn’t do much in the way of exploring, but it was wonderful to get away for the day and just enjoy each other in total relaxation! We went to Bow Falls and then explored the Cascade Gardens at Canada Place. It was a perfect day, we love the mountain scenery!

The beautiful Rocky Mountain Vista:

Rocky Mountain Vista

Canada Place, Banff:

Canada Place, Banff

Bow River in Banff:

Bow River in Banff

One of the greatest joys for me in photography is capturing that perfect moment in time or memory forever. This was one of those times. Brian and I were laying down in a grassy field enjoying the warm fall sunshine, the kids were playing near us, jumping over a small rock wall and playing hide and seek. I had my camera and was watching the kids through my lens when they came runnning down the hill and over the rock wall. They were all laughing together, the sunshine brillantly back lit them and at the peak of their jump, I pressed the shutter. Perfection all comes together! That wonderful memory lives on, not only in all of our memories, but now, also in print so we can forever remember this moment in time!

The kiddos having fun at Cascade Gardens

The kiddos having fun at Cascade Gardens

Photography…..could it be any better?

Our journey over the past year has now brought us to Calgary, Alberta, Canada. My family and I are thrilled to be back and I have to keep pinching myself so that I can really believe that we are back in Canada for good!

I am settling into my new job now too. I am really enjoying my work and am anxious to see the images I help to create in print! I am also getting anxious to get back to photographing portrait sessions. While I love my job, I do not get to photograph people. I really miss that interaction, and I really miss getting the chance to meet new people and watch their relationships reveil themselves to me through my lens! I think that has to be my favorite thing about portrait photography, I get to see all the love a family shares, and I capture it for all eternity! That’s a pretty awesome thing!

Its been hard to watch the calender over the past month and a half because it is the anniversary of our trip to Hallmark. I remember the landmark days so well. Leaving our beloved in house in MI, arriving in MA, the first day of school and then everyday after that when I fell in love with photography even more! I’m watching Hallmark’s week by week page to see what the new class is doing and as soon as I see the picture on the front page, I am thrown instantly back into my own experience….holding that medium format camera for the first time, my first field trip, the first guest speaker…it has been overwhelming to stand back and look at where we are now! I am making a career out of photography. Everyday, I get to live and breathe photography. That’s really cool!

Class of 2007 Graduates from Hallmark Institute of Photography

A year ago, I could not begin to even imagine all that I would learn, achieve, and do in ten short months. It has been an amazing ride and it ended with a fabulous send off, Hallmark’s Class of 2007 Graduation on June 22!

The setting was beautiful and despite a couple of rain delay’s, the graduation was a wonderful event. My mom, Norma, and my Auntie Carol traveled from Alberta, my father in law, Darrell, his partner in crime Maureen, and also my mother in law, Nancy and nephew Caleb all traveled from Michigan to attend!

The keynote address was given by photographer Lois Greenfield, I am a huge fan of her and had hoped to arrange assisting her in New York City but the timing never worked out. She has fantastic work and her speech was so inspiring!

The awards portion of the ceremony kicked off with a big surprise for me, the very first award was for the student obtaining the highest credit overall throughout the year, and they called my name! I was so shocked! I also received the perfect attendance award, along with four other students, and I also had my portfolio rank in the top ten percent of all portfolios in my graduating class of 188 students! I was so surprised! What a great ending to an amazing year. View all of my classes achievements at Hallmark’s News page

And now for life after Hallmark…… I am busy packing this week and making arrangements for us to move to Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I have accepted a job offer at Ridge Rock Studios where I will work as a senior project manager and photographer! I am so excited and very anxious to get up there and get started working! When we told our children that we were moving to Canada, they ran and immediately packed their toy bags and had them waiting by the door in anticipation! After 11 years abroad, we are finally going home!!

A year after taking the risk to change my career to something that I truly love, I will be entering the work force in a job that I can’t wait to get to “work”!

Hallmark Institute of Photography Graduation

Hallmark Institute of Photography Graduation

Front and Center

Each week on Hallmark’s website, they write a summary of what the student’s are doing. This week, a photograph from my review is featured!

You can check out Hallmark’s site here It will only be up for a week! I grabbed a screen shot of it just in case its already gone!