Vermilion Family Photographer | What to do with those portraits?

Dragon Hare Studios – At Dragon Hare, we believe that you should enjoy your family portraits by displaying them with a beautiful wall portrait collage.  To us, a disc is not a finished product!  While we will sell a digital file, we feel a finished product is a framed print, a canvas wall collage, an album or greeting cards made with your portraits!

Not sure how to display your portraits?  Well, we can help!  In our planning session, we always find out where you want to feature your prints and the room colors present.  I would not suggest pink clothing if your living room wall is red!  We match the tones of the photograph, the location we photograph and the clothing we recommend with the finished product in mind!  Our goal is color harmony so your portrait is about you, rather than your clothing or what color you painted your walls!

Did you know, we encourage our clients to bring in a photograph of the wall they want to feature their portraits on?  We can place your portraits on your wall in your ordering session so you can ensure you are happy with the way they will look before you buy!

Our sessions are so much more than showing up to take your portrait and handing you digital files.  We plan out your session so you look great, the portraits look great on your wall and their quality is high enough to ensure they will be enjoyed by generations to come!

Vermilion Family Portraits, Dragon Hare Studios

Dragon Hare Studios | On Location Grad Portraits

Dragon Hare Studios – At Dragon Hare, we are proud to be an accredited Vermilion grad photographer!  What does that mean?  It means we regularly seek professional training in the artist and technical sides of photography.  It also means, we have submitted a portfolio of images to be reviewed by a panel of master photographers.  The portfolio met the requirements to be considered an accredited grad photographer.  What does this mean to you?  It means we assure you get the very best portrait of your grad possible!  It means we take care to retouch your image so it can be shown to it’s very best.  It means we have the education to understand posing and lighting for different body types and it means we can assure you will look your very best in our portraits.  We will not ask you to pose yourself, we will not consult pintrest to find a pose to copy, nor will we cut off your session when a specific time limit has been reached!  We work to each of client’s comfort level, so the session will be quiet and relaxed or loud and noisy depending on your personality and what comforts you!

If you are graduating in 2017, please contact us very soon for your on location portraits!  If you wait until spring, you will not have green grass or leaves on the trees, nor will you have your portraits in time for grad!  Let’s get you some outdoor portraits with your favorite hobbies or in your favorite place!  Call us at 780.853.4277 today!

Vermilion grad photographer, Dragon Hare Studios

Vermilion Cap and Gown Portraits | Real Smiles!

Dragon Hare Studios – We offer real smiles, beautiful portraits and choice from several poses for your grad!  You do not have to settle for school portraits for your grad!  It’s a unique, amazing, exciting, terrifying time in their life, celebrate that with beautiful portraits to mark their achievements!  Dragon Hare has gowns from several area schools so the choice is yours – ordinary and just like everyone else, or standing out from the crowd with an extraordinary portrait of your grad!  We are proud to be your Vermilion grad photographer!

Call us at 780.853.4277 to book your grad’s session today!

Vermilion grad photographer, Dragon Hare Studios

Vermilion School Portraits | Dragon Hare

Dragon Hare Studios – We are once again offering our school portrait limited edition sessions on September 10th from 9:30 until 4pm.  Why settle for regular school portraits with awkward smiles, messy hair and lunch slopped down their mismatched outfit?  Let us help you create a beautiful portrait to celebrate the beginning of another academic year!

We have limited availability with these sessions and they will go quickly so please call us at 780.853.4277 without delay!

Vermilion School Photography, Dragon Hare Studios

Vermilion Family Portraits | Kyle & Brittany

Dragon Hare Studios –  Life as I know it, is never quiet.  It’s a crazy roller coaster ride full of shifting emotions, and events that cause life to ebb and flow along at what feels like break neck speed.  Most of the time, I feel like I am a terrible juggler that can never keep all my balls in the air!  A while ago, I discovered some family life bloggers that feel the same way.  They share their stories of daily life and suddenly, I don’t feel like I’m a failure for being tired, exhausted and crabby.  When I read these stories of real life, I laugh, I cry and I feel like maybe, just maybe, I’m doing ok.  Brittany is a blogger that lives in my hometown.  It’s really how I “met” her as I followed her social media. I loved her blog updates as I could “feel” her heart as she opened up about her family life.

Her story is a beautiful story to follow along, a young mom to a toddler, who is pregnant with her second that is pretty close to her first in age.  This is the reason her blog caught my eye as I also am a Mom to kids close in age!  Then she found out that #2 was actually #2 and #3!  She shared not only the wonder of carrying twins, but also her fears and the challenges she faced with a high risk pregnancy with a toddler at her side!  As the babies were born, she wrote of life in the NICU and the daily struggles her two little babes faced, and the struggle she faced with a husband who was working and another child whom she missed incredibly.  My momma heart went out to her as I read her updates and prayed the next one would be better for her.

As the babies grew stronger and they were able to come home, they were faced with other challenges because life could never be simple.  Kyle underwent cancer treatments and while he was in one hospital, she was in another with sick babies.  A mom, three children under the age of 2, a husband with cancer, bills to pay, babies with extra needs – I had to truly admire this mom I only really knew from her journals.  I admired her because through it all, she kept it real.  She was honest, but she was positive, she was loving and caring and held her family together in the hardest year they faced together.  Not only did she do that, but she did it all with grace and a sense of humor.  She had every right to break down, whine, complain, and say “why me world” but she didn’t, instead she was grateful that her babies weren’t as sick as some of the others, and that her husband’s treatments were relatively easy compared to others.  Her sharing always reminded me to feel grateful for my own challenges – for they could always be much worse than they were!

When Brittany asked me to photograph her family, I was very touched to be able to create something special for her to symbolize all the trials of the past year.  I wanted to show Brittany, strong and centered by her family, I wanted to celebrate Kyle’s health, and focus on the busy-ness of her little ones.   I wanted to create something to help Brittany remember the toughest year of her life, but to remember it with joy in her heart that they persevered and were stronger for it.  It isn’t a perfect portrait of them all looking at the camera and smiling because I don’t think that would have told the story of this past year for her.  Her year wasn’t perfect, it was so much more than that!  It was hard, it hurt but it also had so very much joy!

This one is for Brittany, the strongest Momma and wife I know!   Thank you for sharing your story and your heart so openly.  It is truly beautiful Brittany!

Vermilion Family Portraits, Dragon Hare Studios

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