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Dragon Hare Studios – The perfect family portrait. What is that to you? Are you all sitting nicely, smiling serenely at the camera? Nobody is screaming, crying, dirty, or exhausted and I’m not just referring to Mom!

While this is a great thing to have in your possession as children grow and change rapidly over the year, we are portrait artists and we want to take your family portrait one step further.

I can show you this portrait of the seven of us, and other than one of us looking a touch grouchy (which is totally within character I might add!), what does it tell you about us?

Vermilion family portraits

Does it tell you anything about how my children like to spend their time? Does it tell you that Dad is an avid hunter and shares his joy of the outdoors with his children? Does it tell you that we are a family that knows well the inside of the Stollery Children’s Hospital?

It doesn’t and as portrait artists, we believe your family portrait should reveal these things. Why is this important? Because in twenty years from now, when you are not running to competitions, practices, games and balancing that with suppers in the field, summer holidays and homework, you are going to forget the simple details of what life was like when your children were at home.

The image below was our Christmas card from 2015. While life got pretty crazy for us, we didn’t get the card out. We thought we’d send it in 2016 but then we were in hospital with our son for much of December so it didn’t happen either. I didn’t realize I hadn’t shared this portrait until I was chatting with a friend about the card. The only part of the image I found was this post on our son and it instantly brought my heart to my throat.

Our son is currently undergoing testing for a cellular disorder. We have some preliminary results that point to support of such a diagnosis. In 2015, we thought he had food allergies. It’s all we thought it was. I had forgotten that. I’m now weighing numerous medications morning and night for him on a micro scale and he is currently living in isolation from the outside world to protect him.

When I dug out this portrait, I spied the sword my son is holding. As the tears leaked out of my eyes after reading how “simple” we thought his illness was, I started laughing as I remembered the sword. The sword is now broken and recycled and I had forgotten all about it. When he was given this sword, well suffice it to say it was the day we were almost kicked out of Disney.

Vermilion Family Portraits with archers

Do you see the power this image has for me? When I saw the first portrait, I wondered what year we took the portrait and that was the extent of it. When I saw the second portrait, it made me cry and then laugh so hard at the memories that came rolling out from the depths of my heart.

Life isn’t perfect. It’s messy, noisy, chaotic, crazy, and so not perfect. You aren’t going to remember all that was happening in your life from year to year because new memories are going to be built on top of that. We can stop that from happening!

Let us help you begin a legacy of storytelling portraits that will hold those memories for you that are so near and dear to your heart right now, so in the future, you will easily remember them.  If you push that green button just to the right from where you are reading, we can start planning your storytelling portrait!