Lloydminster Family Portraits | Portraits in the Library

Happy New Year!  Today marks our 16th wedding anniversary! 16 years ago we said I do under a torrential downpour and tornado warnings in Houston, Texas and the fun hasn’t stopped since!

Dragon Hare Studios – Every year, we try to photograph our family in a setting that shows some aspect of what we love to do all together. This year, we came up with the concept of a portrait in the library. Our life is pretty much complete chaos all of the time, so we brought a little of that into our photograph. Our two year old is being his normal self, our daughter is most often found sitting upside down on the couch reading a book, our oldest son has his nose in some electronics or robotics book, and our youngest daughter has just mastered reading the written word. Go Dog Go being one of the first books she is tackling in her reading! The setting was their favorite place in the whole world, the library!

This is a pretty good representation of who we are, right now, 16 years into our marriage. We have teens and we have little kids, we both work full time and the children have their activities which translate into parents that are always running a little bit behind!

We truly wish you the happiest of new years, may you set a goal and obtain it with very few obstacles in your way this year. And if this image speaks to you or you would like to create something for your own family, give us a call at 780.853.4277. We’d love to serve you in 2015.

To all of our clients who allowed us to bring the stories of their life to print in the past year, we truly thank you for trusting us with your memories! Happy New Year!

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