The language of love

Each year, my children create their own Valentine’s cards with photographs they plan out and take themselves. During the creative process of five children creating havoc in my studio, the demands for my help, or my opinion, makes me wonder every year why on earth I subject myself to such punishment when store bought Valentine’s are just a couple dollars a box.

But then I see the complete and total pride shining in my daughter’s eye when the image she envisioned appears before her on the camera. The joy they have in planning out who gets what photo and their complete excitement in watching people discover their cards.

Then I get over myself and realize the real reason I do this is love. Sometimes love isn’t easy, sometimes it comes with great frustration, but the rewards so outweigh those moments. Sometimes the path is a bit bumpy, but the end result is always beautiful.

May all the little loves in your life, light you up today and always. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Image by Kalla – age 9
rose, Dragon Hare Studios, Vermilion wedding photography

Image by Jorah – age 13
rose, Dragon Hare Studios, Vermilion wedding photography