Jump For Joy

As it always does, life gets in the way of good intentions. Last July, Brian and I were talking about our website. The vast majority of our visitors head straight for our blog with a few stopping off to view the gallery. We decided then to create a website that put what people were looking for, front and center. When we had time, we’d play with different ideas that we had for it until one became our strong favorite. The silver lining to Brian having his foot in a cast, is that he has been sitting at the computer working on our website. We crossed our fingers and took it live last night and the feedback has been fantastic!

So, what you are looking at is now our website. It is the blog (with a new look!) with links to all the information/gallery that we had on our old website. Now when you head to dragonhare.com to visit our blog, you will no longer have to click and wait! It’s all right here with bigger images and better navigation! Enjoy!

I wanted to share these portraits of our youngest, Rylynn. She loves to “jump”. She doesn’t actually leave the ground but look at that grin on her face. She thinks she is jumping as high as the sky. We like to let her believe that she is.

Child Photography|Toddler Portrait