Highland Dance

I love photography. It is not a job or a position to me, it is my life’s passion. One of the things I struggled with while I was in school, was what type of photography do I go into. There is commercial, portrait, wedding, advertising, product, fashion, architectural, schools/teams and editorial to name a few of the choices I had. I could not sooner pick one favorite type of photography than I could pick a favorite among my children. Each is unique, different and offers varying challenges. In a larger area, I would have to choose one niche and specialize in it but here in rural Alberta, I get to do all types of photography and I love it! It keeps things exciting for me – everyday is a new adventure!

I was thrilled to be approached by the Mannville-Vermilion Highland Dance Club for club portraits. Thank you all for introducing me to Highland Dance!

Team/Sports Photography|Highland Dance Portrait