Harvest Portraits

This is my first harvest on the farm since 1997!! I have missed the farm life greatly so I have really enjoyed the sights, sounds and smells of harvest. I don’t think there is any better smell in the world than that of newly harvested grain pouring into a grain truck!

My parent’s have farmed my family’s farm since 1971 and they are slowly easing back and heading into retirement. They farm together, Mom drives the grain truck and dumps the grain, while Dad runs the combine. I spent an evening chasing the combine around the field with my camera and after seeing the images, my Mom asked me to photograph her and Dad with the combine. I thought it would be a neat way to commemorate this yearly tradition in my family.

My parent’s family portrait would not be complete without Buddy, my Dad’s right hand “man” on the farm:
Pet Photography|Family Portrait, Farm

The combine at sunset:
Fine Art|Stock, Farm, Combine

Fine Art|Stock, Farm, Combine

It is so dry this year that the thick dust just settles everywhere. I love this image of the dust choking out the hills and trees while the sun sets overhead:
Fine Art|Stock, Farm, Sunset