Happy Valentine’s Day from Dragon Hare!

Last year, I posted about our pathetic attempt at organizing before our children’s Valentine’s Day parties at school. This year, I was determined not to repeat that disaster!

Photo and styled by Miss Rylynn:
Valentine's Day, Dragon Hare Studios, cinamon hearts

Several years ago, while working in a commercial photography studio, I had to photograph candy. It was a fun day and I decided it would be fun to do with the kid’s for Valentine’s day! Ever since, instead of spending a whopping $3 on a box of store bought Valentine’s, the kids carefully choose out some Valentine’s candy and then sit down and style their own Valentine’s.

Styled by Kadin:
Dragon Hare Studios, Valentine's Day candy, chocolate heart

Every year, in the midst of four children saying “hey Mom, look at this” or “what do you think Mom, is that good” and “can we have another piece to eat Mom” or “what are we doing with all this candy after Mom” or “should I use pink or red paper Mom” all at the same time, I think those store bought boxes sound pretty nice. Then I see the pride each of my children take in carefully laying out the candies in specific patterns, and the joy they have in carting these cards off to school and I am reminded to once again, take a deep breath and press on.

Styled by Jorah, who has decided she is too old to hand out Valentine’s since she is now in Junior High, but that she can still give Valentine’s to her teachers so she can continue to join in the fun!
dragon Hare Studios, Valentine's Day candy

This year, in our effort to improve ourselves, we started out a week ago to photograph the candies and put the actual cards together. We finished up this past weekend, had the kids write out all their names and set them all on the cupboard ready for Thursday’s parties! Score one for Mom and Dad! Rylynn however, came down with a terrible cold and couldn’t go to her party. And then the snow storm blows in, the roads look too dicey to return home, the Valentine’s that are sitting so nicely on the cupboard in our house, well, it looks like for safety’s sake, they will stay there while the kid’s go to school empty handed.

Styled by Miss Kalla:
Dragon Hare Studios, Valentine's Day

Two nights before Valentine’s, we check our cupboards and Brian makes a run to the grocery store to ensure we have everything we need to make Valentine’s treats that our children will proudly show off at school. I roll up my sleeves and get ready to bake and I call in the kids: “ok, what treats do you want for Valentine’s day”? The responses took every last bit of wind out of my sails……..”I don’t need any”, “we don’t have a party this year”, “the teacher is bringing the treat” and “oh I just have to take 100 cinnamon hearts”. Seriously world?

Never to miss out on some fun, this one was photographed and styled by Mom:
Dragon Hare Studios, Valentine

Once again, I find myself asking, do we at least get points for trying? Maybe next year will be our year for Valentine’s! And an update to this post – in a break in the weather, we headed out cross country and made it home to rescue the cards. But this morning when we got up, we found out it’s a “snow day”!!! Foiled again!

May you spend the day surrounded by love! Happy Valentine’s Day from all of us at Dragon Hare!