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At Dragon Hare, we are more than  photographers, we are story tellers.  In order to understand your story, and reproduce it for you, we must know your story and become a part of it.  Any portrait session at Dragon Hare is more than just sitting in front of the camera, our goal is to photograph the true you, the very essence of your family, and produce for you a photograph that is so real, it becomes an illustration in your story book.  In order to do that, we must first hear your story.


Dragon Hare Family PortraitsStep 1: The Planning Session
If the first time we ever met you, was to take your photograph, you would be shy, uncomfortable and uneasy.  We firmly believe in getting to know each of our clients so we can photograph the true you.  Before we ever photograph you, we sit down and we get to know your story.  Often times, you have only an idea that you want a family portrait, but what we do here is help you define what story that portrait will tell.  Will it be indoors or outdoors, in summer or winter, celebrate a major milestone like a birth or graduation, will you have an album that fits in with your design in your living room, or will you have a custom wall display that will adore your dining room?  We will help you design the perfect family portrait.



DragonHare_StudioStep 2: The Photography Session
At the session, we don’t set time limits, we don’t rush you into place, snap off a few images even if your child is crying and rush you out again.  We work at your family’s pace, and truly work towards making a portrait session be more about having fun together as a family than taking a photograph.  Rather than just taking a photo, we are creating a story for you to enjoy for years to come.



Dragon Hare Studios Sales Session


Step 3: The Sales Session
After your session, we will get together again, this time in our studio’s theatre.  Here, we will premiere your portraits to you in a quiet space that will allow you the time to ensure every product you order will be perfectly suited to your family’s needs.  You will laugh, you may cry and you may even have a really tough time narrowing down your favorite, and by the end of our time together, you will have the perfect products that will tell your family’s story and preserve your memories for generations to come.






Dragon Hare Studios Gallery Wrapped Canvas Wall Portrait Art


Step 4: Installing your new works of art!

We dedicate time to ensuring your images are the best that they can be, we send them on to professional labs that dedicate themselves to providing high quality products!  We provide all mounting hardware and will even come out and install wall displays for you so you can simply sit back and enjoy your memories!






To look at the products Dragon Hare offers, please visit our product descriptions, or to see how some of our clients have featured our work in their home, please visit our idea gallery.

To begin your story, please call us at the studio at 780.853.4277 or click on the contact link in the menu bar at the top of this page to send us an email. We look forward to hearing from you!

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