Love Stories with Dragon Hare:

You’ve held your breath, he has asked the big question, you are sporting a beautiful new piece of jewelery, he has lined up his best man and already informed you that whatever you choose for the wedding day is fine with him!  It’s time to start the planning!  At Dragon Hare, we want to tell your love story with images that capture the very essence of your relationship!  Our focus is to find the expressions of love you share throughout the day with your partner and with your families.  We strive to tell, through the emotions of the day, the story of your love.

Why should you trust Dragon Hare Studios with your wedding portraits? Because we take the time to get to know you and your story first, and can help you plan your day including suggestions on timelines, referrals to other wedding vendors, consultations make up, and posing to showcase your dress in it’s best possible way. We are accredited not only in wedding portraits, but also in environmental and family portraits so we can help keep your day flowing so you can concentrate on what’s really important: making memories with your new husband that will last your entire life together!


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How did you meet?  What things do you enjoy doing together?  How did he propose?  Bring all of these elements into your engagement portraits and you have the perfect way to introduce your significant other to your families and friends!  The other reason we truly love engagement sessions is because it allows us to meet, to work together on a smaller scale, and to get comfortable with each other before the big day!  It also helps us discover in what ways you interact together, what does he say that makes you smile?  When does he hold your hand?  When it comes to the wedding day, we already know what to watch for, because we already know your love!


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It is the first big event you will do together.  You will learn to set a plan into motion together, how you are going to save money, set goals, and yes, even fight, make up and compromise as it will all be a part of preparing for your big day.  Every detail, every emotion, through the tears, the kisses, the love and laughter, we will be there with you to ensure, no matter how fast the day goes by, you will be able to savor the memories you create together.  We are a husband and wife team that believes firmly in providing you with unique, completely emotional, and very personal portraits of your love story.



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The wedding is a busy day, it’s emotional, stressful, full of tears and laughter and that’s all before you are even fully dressed in your gown.  After your wedding, after the honeymoon or even first anniversary, we get together again in a location special to you, and photograph you in your wedding finery.  On this day, you are completely relaxed and ready to create fun portraits that really share in the story of you as a couple – at your favorite campground, on the golf course, quadding through the bushes or hiking in the mountains.  This is the time for a quiet reflection of what made you fall in love, and a study in the quiet times you spend together.



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