Dragon Hare Studios | On Location Grad Portraits

Dragon Hare Studios – At Dragon Hare, we are proud to be an accredited Vermilion grad photographer!  What does that mean?  It means we regularly seek professional training in the artist and technical sides of photography.  It also means, we have submitted a portfolio of images to be reviewed by a panel of master photographers.  The portfolio met the requirements to be considered an accredited grad photographer.  What does this mean to you?  It means we assure you get the very best portrait of your grad possible!  It means we take care to retouch your image so it can be shown to it’s very best.  It means we have the education to understand posing and lighting for different body types and it means we can assure you will look your very best in our portraits.  We will not ask you to pose yourself, we will not consult pintrest to find a pose to copy, nor will we cut off your session when a specific time limit has been reached!  We work to each of client’s comfort level, so the session will be quiet and relaxed or loud and noisy depending on your personality and what comforts you!

If you are graduating in 2017, please contact us very soon for your on location portraits!  If you wait until spring, you will not have green grass or leaves on the trees, nor will you have your portraits in time for grad!  Let’s get you some outdoor portraits with your favorite hobbies or in your favorite place!  Call us at 780.853.4277 today!

Vermilion grad photographer, Dragon Hare Studios