The Dragon Hare Difference

We consider our job as a photographer to be that of a visual storyteller. Each of the portraits we take needs to tell the story of the person or the people in it. In twenty years time, we want them to look back at that portrait and remember exactly what life was like! Were there twin 3 year old boys into everything, a teenager learning to drive, or a newborn screaming well into the wee hours of the night? We want you to be able to feel what the people in our portraits were feeling on the day we took that portrait.

A photograph is comprised of many little details that help to tell the overall story. Posing, location, props, and expression can all help to tell the story, but there is one more element that I consider to be the most important! Light! Light contributes to the feeling in the photograph – is it dark, dreary and dramatic, or is it light, airy and sun filled? Light can also add life to a portrait. Is it flat and lacking depth or is it full of life and light?

At Dragon Hare, we work hard at looking for the light, at using that light to sculpt our portraits and accent the people or objects that we are photographing. The vast majority of our training has been centered around seeing the light, controlling the light and using it to enhance our photographs, after all, the word photography literally means “to write with light”. Light is the very basis of every portrait we create!

Take a look at these two images. Which image do you like better? Which image adds the most life to the people in the portrait? Which image would you want of your family?

The difference between these two images is light. Light that we have used to help connect the family members in this portrait. Light that we have used to add life and feeling to this portrait!

In every photograph we create, we are considering the light and that is a Dragon Hare difference!

Vermilion Family Portraits, Dragon Hare Studios

Vermilion Family Portraits, Dragon Hare Studios