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Vermilion Wedding Photography, Dragon Hare Studios

Vermilion Wedding Photography | The Dragon Hare Difference

Dragon Hare Studios – I am often asked why my photographs are so different? The answer is an easy one – I amView full post »

Vermilion family photographer


There are two times in my life, while I was growing up, that I ever wore a seat belt. One was on our once a year journeyView full post »

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Vermilion Family Grad Photographer | Finalist for the Canadian Portrait Photographer of the Year

When I went back to school for photography, I was swept into the energy for more than 200 photographers and all of ourView full post »

Lloydminster Wainwright Wedding Photographer | The Newest Contest from Dragon Hare

Dragon Hare Studios – We have a very lonely fine art portrait sitting in our gallery that would like to find a newView full post »

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Vermilion Family Photographer | The Bucket List

Dragon Hare Studios – You know that special list of things you dream of doing in this life?  The bucket list, theView full post »

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Wainwright Family Portraits | The Story – A portrait vs a Story

This portrait is a photograph of my maternal grandfather: While it is a lovely portrait of him, it does not say anythingView full post »

Spirit of My Child, Dragon Hare Studios, Vermilion child portraits

small vs SMALL

This portrait is from our Spirit of my Child line and it happens to be of my son. It’s his birthday this week andView full post »

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The language of love

Each year, my children create their own Valentine’s cards with photographs they plan out and take themselves.View full post »

The Real ‘Cost’ of Photographs

Four things have happened this week that inspired this blog post. Each of these events were completely unrelated, butView full post »

It’s all about light

Photography means quite literally “to write with light”. For 18 years, I struggled with this aspect ofView full post »

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Happy Valentine’s Day from Dragon Hare!

Last year, I posted about our pathetic attempt at organizing before our children’s Valentine’s Day partiesView full post »

Dragon Hare Studios Pet Portraits


I think that maybe, I’m falling in love with this sweet, little bun bun. I think that maybe Brian is too for whenView full post »

Dragon Hare Studios, Valentine's Day

“Happy?” Valentine’s Day

My blood pressure is slowly setting back down to a more normal level this morning and as I can start to breathe normallyView full post »

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A Flickering Flame

I’ve heard it said that angels make the flame of a candle flicker. It is their way of letting us know that they areView full post »

Dragon Hare Studios portrait

My Father’s Day Thank You

My father is my hero, it’s as simple as that. He is a fourth generation farmer and because of this, I grew upView full post »