Bringing history to life!

I am fascinated by the history of life passing from one generation to the next. This interest stems from my Mom’s passion for family history and genealogy. I remember attending a family reunion where my Mom was putting up a family tree. It wrapped around the room we were standing in and represented several generations of my Mom’s family. This particular family tree has hundreds of my family members on it and it was really impressive to stand there and see how all these people originated from one family. It was awe inspiring to me that my Mom and her cousins have unearthed all of this information. They have birth and marriage certificates, photographs of ancient gravestones marking a relative’s final resting place, photographs of original homesteads and photocopies of original homestead deeds. It did not escape my notice though that what is really lacking are the photographs of the people themselves. My Mom loves to dig out the family history, but I love to give that history a life by finding and restoring old photographs. I think it would be a pretty amazing project to find photographs of those no longer with us or create portraits of those on the family tree that do not have a “face” for us to see.

My interest in preserving this history for my family carries over to my clients. I can help to restore their family’s visual history and bring it back to life so these images are protected for generations to come. I recently had a client that brought in the following portrait:

Dragon Hare Studios, restoration work, print restoration

This image had been stuck to the glass in the frame it sat in, it had a water stain, was discoloured, had damage to the print itself and was covered in dust specks that were embedded in the paper. Brian and I carefully reproduce it and then begin the long task of restoring this image back to it’s original quality. This process can be quite tedious depending upon the amount of damage and where it is located. In this particular case, it took me 11 hours to save this portrait but take a look at it now…..a family’s history brought back to life!

Dragon Hare Studios, photo restoration work

To view more of our restoration work, next time you are out at Red Feather Ridge, take a look at the photographs hanging on the wall! We helped the Livingstone Family return these photographs on display back to their original quality!