Ashlee – 2013 Dragon Hare Model

We are smack dab in the middle of my favorite season of the year – grad portraits! I love grad portraits for two reasons – the first being that we really get to play! I truly like to show how the grads define themselves, with their hobbies, interests, or what they want to do with their future. Everything from reading books, to playing sports, to being a fireman is something we have showcased in our grad portraits. Every session is as different as each of our grads and I think it is great fun showcasing everyone’s different personalities.

My second reason for enjoying grad portrait sessions is taking a grad that is shy, or uncomfortable with some aspect of themselves and showing them in their portraits how truly beautiful they are. Beauty to me is not what I see on the outside, but the light that shines from within which in turn, radiates through them to the outside. It’s a pretty awesome feeling to watch a young man or woman sit taller, smile easier and truly come alive before my camera as they see their beauty radiating around them in their portraits. This is something I truly love about photography and it is especially powerful in grad portraits!

Ashlee, one of our 2013 grad models was one of these grads that was shy in front of the camera at first, but as she started to see what I saw, she came alive before the camera and you can truly see her beauty radiating from her in her portraits.

Ashlee, it has been a true privilege to work with you this year. I hope that you always find that beauty in yourself and let it shine out because you are simply amazing!

We would like to introduce the stunning Ashlee, one of our 2013 grad models for JR Robson! Check out this video with some of her favorite portraits from her session!

If you are graduating this year, Ashlee has her model card for you with a coupon for our grad portraits. Find her at school and check it out but do it quickly as the coupon expires May 30, 2013! If you would like to schedule a grad portrait session, please call us at the studio at 780.853.4277!