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Dragon Hare Studios – As a parent of a child involved in competitive sport, you spend hundreds of hours on the sidelines cheering them on; whether it be celebrating a win, picking them up after a tough loss, or encouraging them as they work out a play. While they dream of making the professional leagues, you are in the background working hard to pay for coaching time, and juggling your schedule to get them to practices and out of town games. You see every ounce of effort, every drop of sweat and every tear of frustration that they put into their game. You experience their passion, their intensity on the game field and their raw desire to play the game at all cost.

Every year of their childhood, you have a traditional portrait of their sport, likely with them in a static pose that does not at all reflect their game at all. With all you put into their sport, why settle for this?

At Dragon Hare, we honor this dedication to the game. Our sports portraits shows their competitive side, their game face, their dedication to leaving it all on the field. It’s all their passion. It’s every hour on the bench you spend watching them. It’s every drive to a game in a snowstorm. It’s washing stained jerseys, it’s holding your nose as you spray their gear again. It’s cheering them up after a loss, it’s celebrating every trophy or banner earned.

At Dragon Hare, our “Sportrait” truly reflects all that goes into the love of the game.
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The Boys of Summer:

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