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Check out the Babies of 2013 in the Vermilion Standard

The Vermilion Standard is featuring all the babies born in 2013 this week in their special baby edition. Check out theView full post »

Define Yourself – Who are you?

At Dragon Hare, we work hard to showcase your personality. When we meet with a new grad, we want to know what definesView full post »

The language of love

Each year, my children create their own Valentine’s cards with photographs they plan out and take themselves.View full post »

Check out the babies of 2013 in the Vermilion Voice

The Vermilion Voice is featuring their baby special this week. Check out the Voice to see a special offer for the babiesView full post »

The Real ‘Cost’ of Photographs

Four things have happened this week that inspired this blog post. Each of these events were completely unrelated, butView full post »

Sweetness | Wainwright Baby Photographer

Do remember the very first time you held your child? Do you remember that feeling of your heart growing to include him,View full post »