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Inspiration from you: Wednesday Words

I want to thank all of you for participating in my request for inspiration. I was looking for images that you thought ofView full post »

Dragon Hare Studios, Vermilion grad photography

The Beautiful Miss JoAnn

Miss JoAnn came in for grad portraits with her grad gown! JoAnn’s gown and the story behind it brought tears to myView full post »

Dragon Hare Studios dance photography

Dance Impressions By Ryan

The seasons typically mark the passing of the year. We start out buried beneath snow and cold in winter, with lighterView full post »

Inspiration from you

Images are everywhere in our life. Every minute of our day, we are affected by an image that we see. They appear on ourView full post »

Dragon Hare Studios portrait

My Father’s Day Thank You

My father is my hero, it’s as simple as that. He is a fourth generation farmer and because of this, I grew upView full post »

Dragon Hare Studios - studio accreditation

National Accreditation in “Studio Portraiture”

I live in rural Canada. We don’t have five star hotels, fine dining restaurants with real china, cloth napkins andView full post »

Dragon Hare Studios - Grad Portraits

How would you photograph yourself?

My favorite colour is blue, my eyes are green, my hobbies are reading and watching movies snuggled up with my husbandView full post »

Dragon Hare Studios - national print competition

National Print Competition Results

In case you didn’t catch it, I have a bit of competitive spirit in me. I used to race and I loved the feeling ofView full post »