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I have a daughter who’s nickname is “Boo”. As a baby, we would hide behind something and pop out andView full post »

Around Town: Northern Lights

I’ve posted before about my fascination with the big, beautiful, blue Alberta sky. I love the nights when weView full post »

Do Frogs Always Smile?

I managed to impress my children this morning – I caught them a frog at the farm. I opened the van door and handedView full post »

The Wright’s

Growing up in my family, there were just some things that were a given – we always had to make our bed everyView full post »

Website Update: Navigation

This website update is a hidden one but it is oh so nice! Now, when you are visiting, you can look up all blog posts onView full post »

A Perfect Pair

Carley and Dustin were married in Bud Miller Park in Lloydminister beneath cloudy skies! After their engagement sessionView full post »

Aerial Photographs

We had a client that needed some aerial work done so on yet another gorgeous summer evening, Dragon Hare took to theView full post »

Around Town: A Perfect Summer’s Night

It has been an unusual summer weather wise for us. For awhile, it seemed like we could have beautiful early mornings butView full post »