Vermilion Fine Art Photography | Merit – Fine Art | PPOC Print Competition

On a very foggy morning’s drive into Vermilion, I spied a beautiful scene. It took my breath away for how perfect it was! The sun was rising up behind the streams of fog coming off a small pond and the ducks were enjoying the moment. Of course I did not have a camera with me! As I arrived at the studio, I decided that image was just too good to enjoy only in my mind, so I grabbed a camera and returned to the pond just to the south of Vermilion. I spent a very enjoyable 30 minutes hanging out on the side of the road photographing the rising fog and the sunlight.

I held on to these images for several months and never did anything with them. I would look at them, turn them to black and white, turn them back and leave them alone again because I just couldn’t see the image in them. It was a fight to find it, but I finally did it. The reason I struggled with it was because of what the image represented to me.

As I was photographing, the fog was shifting and moving constantly. I was in awe of it and often times forgot that I was there to take photos because I was so busy just watching it. It would be so thick at one moment, I couldn’t see the trees on the other side of the pond, but seconds later, the entire pond was clear. At some points, I could see the power poles and at other times, the fog was too thick. I tried to avoid them when I was out there, waiting for the fog to shift and merge to cover them up, but when I looked at the images after, it was the image with the power pole that stood out to me because it appeared as a cross in the image. You can’t see the other power poles that were in front/behind of it, you can’t even see the lines that were strung on the this pole because of the fog covering them. In this one image, it stands out strong, all by itself, as a piece rather than a whole.

What this image became to me, is a representation of real life. There are times we cannot find ourselves, we get lost in the fog due to stress or demands on us. We feel like we are drowning, separate from everyone around us who is not lost at the moment, or so much more successful than us. We don’t allow ourselves 15 minutes to just to breathe and be when we are overwhelmed or tired. We are a part of our families, and of our communities, we play a role in life. Life has distractions, it has ebbs and flows, and we need to remember to take a breather every now and then, to let whatever we love to do shine through, even if only for a few minutes. We need to take that moment for ourselves, so we can stand strong irregardless of the shifts and ebbs around us.

If we just wait, life shifts and uncovers what we need, when we truly need it. This is a lesson that life has been teaching me strongly the past couple of years, and it is a lesson that unveiled itself in this image when I finally accepted it. It is amazing what is out there, that one day looks ordinary and the next extraordinary. Some times, we need to stop and admire the extraordinary, we need to give ourselves that gift, as it is in these times, we can accept the truth of those ordinary lessons. Some days it’s a struggle to be seen, to be heard or feel loved. Other days, it all comes together. Some days we have to look for the good, and on those days, we have to take a step back because it’s always there, but if we push ourselves too hard, we cannot find it.

I entered this image into the “pictorial/scenic” category, one of the toughest ones to enter at print competition because of it’s popularity. I rarely ever take the time to create an image with the power of photoshop, the majority of images you see of mine are as they appear out of the camera. But this one called for more, and it represents so much to me. Every time I look at it, I am amazed at what I see in it. I named the image “Through the Mist, He Guides Us Home” and I am thrilled to announce it scored a merit at the 2014 Professional Photographer’s of Canada national print competition!

Vermilion Fine Art Photography, Dragon Hare Studios

Lloydminster Baby Portraits | Great Grandma’s Pearls

This little sweetheart is snuggled up with her Great Grandma’s pearls. What a legacy this story creates for this family! Generations connected in one portrait! Please visit our baby gallery for more ideas on how to begin your child’s visual legacy.

What is your story? How would you tell it? Call us at 780.853.4277 to begin creating your story today.

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July 11, 2014 - 6:38 pm

Chris Fullerton Anning - lol so cute…Lady in Waiting :)

Vermilion Family Photographer | Dragon Hare | One Thousand for a thousand.

Dragon Hare Studios – we are launching a contest! A huge one! It is called “One Thousand for a thousand” and there are many ways to play along. For every 1000 likes on facebook, we will give away a portrait collage worth $1000!

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Good luck and have fun!

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Lloydminster Grad Photographer | Grad Portraits – Your Story, Your Choice

Did you know – we offer multiple session types for grad portraits. Whether you are looking for cap and gown only, casuals, formals or on location, we have a session type that will fit your needs. We have caps and gowns for several area schools, including kindergarten gowns!

For more information on our grad portrait sessions, check out: Dragon Hare Grads

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Vermilion Family Photographer | Master!

Seven years ago this month, I graduated with my diploma in photography from the Hallmark Institute of Photography. I was in for a bit of a surprise when I did graduate though! I went from being immersed in photography 24/7 with 225 other like minded people to nothing. I worked as a studio manager in a large commercial studio in Calgary, but it was just a “job”. Everyone came to work, did their job, and went home to their families. It was a busy studio so we always had a shoot list to pluck away at and because it was commercial work, with very specific requirements for meeting the brand, there wasn’t really time to play or learn new techniques. Within a month of graduation, I was really missing the drive, the inspiration to learn and discover new skills within my photography.

As a part of my education at Hallmark, we were regularly encouraged to join a professional photography organization and become active within it. I very quickly found out why this was so important! I joined the Professional Photographer’s of Canada as a full member in 2007 and became a part of a family of photographers across Canada that are looking for the same thing – to grow as a photographer. I quickly found a mentor, and other members willing to review images and encourage me in my desire to learn more. I set a goal for myself to achieve my Master of Photographic Arts in an effort to push myself to grow.

In order to achieve a master’s, I had to submit images to accreditation portfolios, and image competitions. Each accreditation and each accepted or higher image in print competition earned me merits towards my Master’s. I also had to volunteer within the organization to help promote and strengthen the professional photography industry in Canada. I held several positions including membership chair in Alberta, marketing for a national convention and growing into holding the first national social media chair where I began and grew PPOC’s presence on social media sites and their blog. I learned as much in my volunteer positions from members across Canada, as I did in working to improve my images.

All of this effort and drive landed me in Winnipeg in late April to attend the Professional Photographer’s of Canada national convention. At the awards banquet, I was presented with my much desired Master of Photographic Arts designation by the PPOC’s chairman Jillian Chateauneuf, MPA. I am now 1 of only 184 photographers that hold this designation in Canada! It was a pretty amazing experience for this small town girl from rural Alberta!

At this convention, I attending the judging clinic so I am now a certified photography judge! I am excited to put these new skills to use in my own work, but also in helping to give back to the professional photography community. As well, I received the Frank Kristian Memorial Scholarship from the PPOC. Frank Kristian was an incredible photographer, and photography judge as well as a very active and supportive PPOC member. I am greatly honoured to receive this scholarship which allows me to pursue additional photographic training!

I have spent years chasing down my Master’s and when I look back at my skills when I started, to those that I now possess, I am so grateful that I pushed myself to go for it! The only thing I can ask myself now is, what is next? Because I know there is still more for me to learn, and still more for me to strive for!!!

Kimberly Morritt, Master of Photographic Arts, Professional Photographer's of Canada

June 30, 2014 - 6:19 pm

Dixie Hoyt Zizek - Congratulations Kim.

July 1, 2014 - 2:34 am

Carol Logan - Seven years already. My oh my how time flies! Congratulations! You are not someone to sit on your laurels. You have worked very hard. Awesome!

July 1, 2014 - 3:51 am

Sandra Nicholson - Quite an achievement! Congratulations!!