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Dragon Hare Studios – We have a very lonely fine art portrait sitting in our gallery that would like to find a new home! We thought we’d give it an opportunity to find a home by holding another fun contest!

This one is truly simple – if you haven’t already, go to our Facebook Page and click “like”. For an extra entry, please leave a comment here telling us why you love this portrait!

We will announce the winner of the print on April First – and it won’t be a joke! One of you will win a beautiful print of “What the Hay”! This print is especially rich because it’s printed on fine art rag paper and it’s the perfect piece to add a splash of color to your living room! You can visit this print in our gallery during the week, and on Sat March 21, you can check it out at the Weddings On The Border bridal show where we, as Vermilion Wedding Photographers, will be featuring our Lloydminster Wedding Photography!

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Vermilion Lloydminster Wedding Photographer | Weddings on the Border

Dragon Hare Studios – We are participating in the Weddings on the Border Border bridal show this year on March 21!  If you are newly engaged, or planning a family reunion or anniversary party this year, come and check out this great resource in Lloydminster!  This year there are two fashion shows, loads of grand prizes up for grabs and any type of party planning vendor possible will be in attendance!  Please stop in and say hi and enter your name into one of TWO draws we are holding this weekend!


Check out our ad in the current edition of the Vermilion Voice!  It’s their wedding feature issue and we’ve also included an article on the different types of products available for your wedding photographs, and why you should consider each type!


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Wainwright Wedding Photography | Should I ask for a “disc”?

Dragon Hare Studios – You spend months planning, stressing and even obsessing over every single detail of your wedding day! The cake theme, the colour of the flowers, the table decorations and what you wear is carefully thought out and dreamed about! After the wedding day, what carries on? You have your ring, and you will have your wedding portraits.

There are many options out there for displaying wedding portraits that will ensure your wedding day memories never fade from memory – from albums to custom framed prints and gallery wrapped canvas wall portraits. As a wedding photographer though, the number one question we are asked is: “can we get a disk of our pictures?”. My response to this question is always the same – why?

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Earlier this year, Apple announced their new computers will only have a USB 3 Type-C port. In 2008, Apple began manufacturing computers without optical drives – first CD’s and then DVD drives have slowly become obsolete. Now images are stored on USB flash drives or external hard drives with USB ports and Apple has begun the process that will make these drives obsolete. If you are a very tech savvy person, then you will take the time to upgrade your personal photos to new media storage solutions as the technology changes. If you are not, within five years, the media you store your images on will be obsolete meaning you will not have your wedding photos or any other personal photos within five years, unless you take the time and spend the money to keep them upgraded and current.

Google’s boss, Vint Cerf, recently stated that this generation will be known as the “forgotten century”. We take hundreds of photos on our phone but only 1 cell phone image in 100,00 images is ever printed out! That is a staggering statistic. Google assigned us the “forgotten century” tag because all of our data is stored on computers, cell phones or tablets whose technology will be outdated in just a few years. Again, unless we spend time and money upgrading our storage systems, the data stored on these devices will soon disappear. It is anticipated that 99% of the photographs taken now, will not be around in the very near future! When we consider that have been more photographs created in the past five years, the in all the previous time leading up to that, that number is unfathomable.

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In our own experience, 80% of clients who purchased a digital file, did nothing with it. This is also a staggering statistic to me! When I question brides further on why they want the digital files, I find major reason is to share a few images on social media with family and friends. This is significantly different than a disc of all high resolution images and the price tag associated with it should show that. Unless you are an avid scrapbooker, the files remain locked on a computer and are rarely used. As a photographer, who creates portrait art that celebrates life’s milestones, this is a sad fact of life.

As a bride, I encourage you to consider what you are going to do with your images before you start the process. Do you want a portrait display for your wall, an album that chronicles your day start to finish, or just a collection of custom prints of your closest family and friends on your special day. Go in to the meeting with an idea of how you would like to display your memories from your wedding day and this will help ensure you end up with exactly what you want to carry on your memories.

Dragon Hare Wedding Albums are hand crafted and will showcase your individual style

And finally, I truly encourage you to do your homework on all of the vendors you hire for your big day. In the photography industry for example, there is no qualification required before opening up a photography business. There is no technical test, no requirement for back up equipment, business licenses or even liability insurance. Remember, these are memories you want to last a lifetime! Ask questions – are you professionally trained? Do you have back ups for all of your equipment? What happens if your child is sick on my wedding day? Do you have proper business insurance (i.e. not a home policy)? Are you a member of your industry’s not-for-profit professional organization? Do you have liability insurance? Do you have a GST number and up to date business licenses? These are all questions you can ask a vendor to ensure their services will meet with your expectations! If the answer is no to any of these questions, do not doubt yourself, choose another vendor who can answer yes! You have spent months planning and dreaming, take a few extra minutes to ensure your memories are perfect.

Kim Morritt, Master of Photographic Arts
Nationally Accredited by the Professional Photographer’s of Canada
Vermilion Wedding Photographer of Lloydminster Wedding Photography

Vermilion Family Photographer | The Bucket List

Dragon Hare Studios – You know that special list of things you dream of doing in this life?  The bucket list, the one that keeps dreams alive and hope in our hearts?  As I get caught up in life with five  young children, a business and every other part of life, sometimes it feels like those dreams are super far away.  This year though, I crossed off a pretty major bucket list item – in fact, it was my #1.  I used to dream of being an astronaut when I was little.  I was fascinated by the night sky and wanted to reach out and touch it.  As I grew up, the logistics of being astronaut set in – multiple degrees, flying in planes etc.  I chose a different path for my journey but my fascination still has not disappeared.  One of my goals for myself as a photographer is to tackle astrophotography!

On January 10, at 4:47am, I was standing on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean, five miles from SpaceX’s Dragon rocket as it launched into outspace to make history (first time a booster was caught in an attempt to reuse them!).  I had my camera set up but was quite frankly, more interested in experiencing it than photographing it!

We could see the lights on the rocket across the water, then a slow glow started that grew larger until the Dragon took off.  We watched it glow until just below the clouds in this image, and then the sound waves hit us.  Up until this time, it was eerily quiet.  I saw the ocean rippling out in front of us and the ripples grow closer until the sound wave hit us.  It grew and grew in intensity, not extremely loud, but so incredibly intense.  It was not a sound that we heard so much as felt in our whole body.  Incredible!  We found out at Kennedy Space Center the day before that the sound wave would kill a human if they were within three miles of the launch!

Then SpaceX grew to the point where it was just a star glaring above us and then disappeared and moments later, the sound disappeared too.  We all stood there in awe of this spectacle.  What a simply amazing experience.  The crowd gathered along the beach with us broke into spontaneous applause!

Instead of satisfying my desire to watch a rocket launch, it’s only fueled the fire in me.  At Kennedy Space Center, I stood within feet of a space shuttle, saw the Vehicle Assembly Building and the launch pads where they shuttles flew from and press row where the press watch all launches from!  We actually saw Dragon sitting on the launch pad ready to fly!!!  My new bucket list item, the new thing that will keep me dreaming is to sit in press row and photograph launches.  I was so excited the night before that I couldn’t sleep for fear I would miss it!

The cool part of this journey for me, is that I have a photo of it.  I also have a photo of me sitting with my camera and the launch going up.  This is one of those key life moments, I will remember it forever, but I will have portraits to keep all of those emotions fresh within my memories!


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Vermilion Passport Photos | ID Photos at Dragon Hare

Did you know that Dragon Hare Studios can provide ID photos? These include Canadian passport, PAL, US visa, permnament residency, professional organization ID’s, business security badges, and RCMP applications just to name a few! We photograph from newborn on up and use a higher quality lighting and print to minimize rejected images. Also, if you call ahead, there is absolutely no wait time for you!

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