Mannville family photographer | A century of birthdays!

Dragon Hare Studios – Ruth Gray is a name that not too many people that call Mannville “hometown” will not know. Ruth is celebrating her 100th birthday this month and has spent the better part of her life serving as a teacher and volunteer in this community. She taught my dad, was my substitute teacher, served in my church, helped to decorate and cut the birthday cake on Canada Day, helped out at the fair and numerous other organizations and events around Mannville. There are not too many memories of my youth that do not have her as a part of them. I imagine this holds true for most anyone who grew up in Mannville!

This month, the Village of Mannville is celebrating this amazing woman and all she has accomplished in her lifetime. It was a joy to visit with her and photograph her with a few pieces from the Mannville Historical Museum – readers she had used to teach school long ago! She was even remembering the names noted in the readers as students!

Happy Birthday Ruth! Thank you for being such a huge part of my memories from growing up, Mannville wouldn’t have been the same without you!

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Lloydminster Wainwright Vermilion Wedding Photographer | Vermilion Wedding

Dragon Hare Studios – Earlier this summer, we participated in a magical day. Ray and Elaine found each other late in life, but their dedication to each other, and the true, untarnished love for each other just glows from each of them. The entire day I was filled with gratitude to be a part of their day, to witness this union of amazing love. The smiles they have for each other reflect all the emotions they feel for each other and it was truly powerful for those that watched it. I know their were a lot of married couples smiling at each other this day in the church!

Congratulations Ray and Elaine, we wish you a lifetime filled with nothing but happiness and true joy.

As it rained 3.5 inches on their wedding day, we ended up photographing all their portraits in our studio – from their first look, to their family and formal portraits! It is absolutely fantastic to have the studio as a backup plan in case of wet, soggy weather! We were able to meet Elaine at the door armed with umbrella’s to keep everyone dry! If you are a bride that is hoping for an outdoor wedding, please seriously consider having Dragon Hare Studios do your wedding photography so that you have an automatic back up plan! (if we are too far from the studio, we always carry a massive amount of lighting equipment to light up any venue for indoor portraits!).

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vermilion wedding photographer, wainwright wedding photography

If you are recently engaged, give us a call at 780.853.4277 to check our availability for your wedding! Prime 2015 dates are already booking up fast!

Vermilion Photography Classes | Starry Night

As is evident from my cell phone photographs this year, I am fascinated by the big blue sky we live beneath. I am constantly looking up, day or night!

Recently, there was a major solar storm which in turn creates enormous activity in our northern lights. The timing was perfect for us because the moon is at the end of it’s phase! I waited with bated breath for the storm to arrive and then bam, the clouds moved in and stayed. Talk about the very definition of frustration!

Last night, the clouds finally cleared up and I very excitedly headed out for a night of star gazing. It was a pitch black night which was perfect but no northern lights to be found anywhere! Some times they are too faint to see with the naked eye and only show up after long exposures, but not this night!

I had to settle for the milky way.

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Vermilion Photography Classes | Photography Basics

We are offering our Photography Basics class again in October through CLASS in Vermilion! If you would like to improve your photography skills, the first step is to understand how your camera *thinks*. In the first class, we will begin with understanding the components of a good photograph and how our camera manages them. In the second class, we will continue with this topic and touch on composition and lighting! If you want to see drastic improvements in your photography skills, I highly recommend this class! There will be lots of hands on practice and homework assignments to ensure you have mastered the concepts!

If you’ve ever wanted to capture amazing sunset skies that are not washed out, this class is for you! This one was captured using my cell phone – it will not matter what kind of camera you are using, it will only matter that you have a camera in your hands to practice with! See you there!

Oct 1 & 8 – 7-9pm. Register directly with CLASS!

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