Vermilion Wedding Photography | The Dragon Hare Difference

Dragon Hare Studios – I am often asked why my photographs are so different? The answer is an easy one – I am professionally trained. There is no requirement for becoming a professional photographer, you don’t even need professional grade gear. You simply call yourself a professional photographer, and you are. But there is a difference.

I want to take a few moments and give you a visual of the difference between a professionally trained photographer, and an untrained one. Take a look at these two images, exact same location, same couple, exact same moment but completely different.

Vermilion Wedding Photography, Dragon Hare Studios

Vermilion Wedding Photography, Dragon Hare Studios

This is not a photoshop trick. The first image is something I see time and time again on facebook and other social media streams. In the first image, the sky is completely overexposed. In the second image, I have exposed the image to account for the darker couple/ground and the brighter sky. The sky is an amazing and beautiful component to this image, but in the first version of it, it’s an overblown white nothing. If I expose my camera for the couple, the sky is overexposed. If I expose the camera for the sky, then the couple/ground are dark. The sky is a challenge to photograph, just like white wedding dresses on a sunny day are – when you look at wedding photographs, you should see the detail in the dress rather than an over exposed white area! To photograph the sky or a white wedding dress, you need additional gear and the understanding on how it all works together.

Here is another example of what a properly exposed image vs an overexposed sky looks like:

Vermilion Wedding Photographer, Dragon Hare Studios

Vermilion Wedding Photographer, Dragon Hare Studios

I encourage you to start looking at photographs and check out the sky or even a wedding dress. It is an instant indicator of the amount and level of training a photographer has had! If you are in the market for a professional photographer, look at their work and see if you can find properly exposed images or not.

What is the Dragon Hare Difference? We carry the gear that we require to take the images where the sky is properly exposed to absolutely every session. We regularly attend in person training sessions to learn how to improve our craft. I hold a master of photographic arts designation, a diploma from a photography school, am the current PPOC-AB photographer of the year, have 11 accreditations and regularly submit work to print competitions aimed at awarding only the best of the best rather than letting everyone win an award. Why do I spend so much energy on training? So our images look like this! That’s the Dragon Hare difference!

June 17, 2015 - 1:32 am

Judy Clark - Kim you are an amazing photographer and so lucky to have an award winning one in our community.

June 17, 2015 - 1:38 am

Michelle Paul Harvey - You are so totally a professional. Our wedding photos were awesome and everyone had a great time!

June 17, 2015 - 2:16 pm

Amy Wilson London - You do the impossible, you make nervous people relax for unbelievable and amazing photos. Not only are your pictures amazing but the fun you have with the people you are photographing is what makes you the best

Lloydminster Grad Photographer | The Destroyer

Dragon Hare Studios – Have you held back from doing grad portraits because your only hobby is video games? That’s not a problem for us, we just bring your favorite game to life and put you in it! Watch out on the streets for the destroyer, you may see him on the streets, although your more likely to see him looking as handsome as he does in his formal portrait!

At Dragon Hare, we define who you are. We can always find a way to create a unique portrait for you, even when you don’t think you have something to work with! Call us at 780.853.4277 to start planning your session today! We have just a few spots left for 2015 grads!

Vermilion Grad Photographer, Dragon Hare Studios

Vermilion Grad Photographer, Dragon Hare Studios

Vermilion Wedding Photographer | A Fireman’s Wedding

Dragon Hare Studios – I have to say, I’m a sucker for a good love story and Tim and Michelle have a great one! He is a fireman, she is an environmentalist so we combined their passions and love for each other into portraits that really celebrated who they are as a couple.

It was a rainy Saturday when these two dedicated their lives to each other, but it didn’t affect the joy they had in their union. We held family portraits in the studio to keep everyone warm and dry, and the heavens cleared up long enough for us to photograph the couple in the park.

Congratulations Tim and Michelle, we wish you a lifetime full of richness and blessings. Thank you for choosing Dragon Hare as your Vermilion Wedding Photographer, we truly enjoyed working with you both!

lloydminster wedding pictures, Dragon Hare Studios

Vermilion Wedding Photographer, Dragon Hare Studios

wainwright wedding photographer, Dragon Hare Studios

Lloydminster Grad Photographer | Stylin’

Dragon Hare Studios – While many of our grads are into sports and choose to define their portraits with their favorite sports gear, many of our grads have non-sports hobbies too! If you have been considering grad portraits but are not sure what you’d like to include, give us a call at 780.853.4277! We can help with clothing suggestions and locations that will help us create the perfect grad portrait for you! Everyone is an individual, grad photos should showcase this!

For more information on our grad portraits, click here or choose “Grad Portraits” from the categories listed way down at the bottom of this page! We look forward to being your Lloydminster grad photographer!

Lloydminster Grad Photographer, Dragon Hare Studios


There are two times in my life, while I was growing up, that I ever wore a seat belt. One was on our once a year journey to the big city of Edmonton to see my maternal Grandparents. The other, was any time I got in a vehicle with my paternal Grandma Ross.

My grandma had a little red car that she called her “puddle jumper”, and jump puddles it could – as well as clear the tops of hills, take corners on two wheels and miss colliding with stationary objects by just the narrowest of margins. Of course, all of that would be at a high rate of speed. People always tell me that I drive like a Grandma, and I burst out laughing and say “then you never met my Grandma”. When I helped my Grandma deliver the local meals on wheels, I remember climbing in the car and praying. We’d fly around corners and she’d stand that car up on it’s end when she stopped. I was always amazed that as we took the meals into their recipients that not one single pea was ever out of place. I was never sure how she managed it for she certainly left a few finger waving farmers in her dust on delivery days. Those meals never did get a chance to cool off on Grandma’s watch!

Vermilion family photographer

It never mattered to my Grandmother that I was the shyest, quietest one of the bunch of her 15 grandchildren, every time I saw her, she would touch my cheeks with her hands, kiss me and say “hello dear”. She was a little sprite of a thing – my feet were bigger than hers when I was five, and I grew taller than she at the age of 8 which isn’t saying much as my family is not known for our height! She may have been little, but she could pack a punch in her words and I knew I’d best mind myself. One day, I was heading off to school from her house as my class was being used to film a story on the twinning of highway 16. It was the “in” thing to wear little keds running shoes with no socks which is exactly what I was doing. Grandma would not let me out of the house in such a manner. I tried to explain to her how dorky it would look to wear socks but she’d have none of it – she lent me a pair, complete with pom pom’s hanging off the end. I was in horror of the fancy little socks that were a few sizes too small for my big hoofers but there was no way that tiny lady was letting me out of her house without them. All the way to school I debated the wisdom of either yanking off the pom poms or better yet, sticking them in my pockets but I valued my life! I knew if I stopped to take them off, one of her many friends would tattle on me and I’d be in for it. Imagine, my immense teenage despair when I found out the commercial was to videotape our feet getting off the school bus. Fantastic, a close up of my pom pom’ed feet. I did inform Grandma of this horror, but she of course did not see what the issue was! After that, I wore socks to Grandma’s house, even in my sandals!


My grandmother taught me my most practical lessons in life – how to do long division, how to back up a truck into the berry bushes to get the biggest, juiciest ones from the top branches, how to butcher a chicken without missing a single feather (by handing off to Grandpa with the blow torch ready of course), how to strip a gizzard or prepare a fresh heart for the evening meal, that Bible study is an important part of life, how to let a child know that his/her best behavior was expected without ever raising a voice or a hand, how to power shop while evading the man folk (Grandpa hated stores because he would always “lose” Grandma, but really, she just knew how to shop around where he wasn’t looking for her), that a proper lady does not slurp her tea nor grip the cup as though one is holding a baseball bat, and that chicken fat makes the absolute best cookies! (seriously could have done without some of those lessons!)


My grandma has spent the past few years locked in her memories. It was at this time, more than any other in my life, that I truly learned about her. I loved to sit with her and ask her questions, usually one was all it took. I’d ask her what it was like to go to “normal school” in the 30′s, or to teach in a one room school house and Grandma would start to tell me about life then. While it was hard to lose the Grandma I knew to her memories, it helped me to know the woman she was before she became my Grandmother. Some of my most precious memories are not from the days when she was one of my care givers, but from the days when I had to help her eat her lunch, or calm her so she could head for bed, or quiet her anxiousness when she could not find her “Willie”, my grandfather who passed four years ago this month. All I had to do was tell her Grandpa was out at the farm as the cows had gotten out, then I’d say, you know Grandma, if we wait a bit longer, we won’t get sworn at for trying to help. She’d giggle and all would be ok in her world again as we giggled about what swears our names turned into on cattle moving day. I never had her as a substitute teacher, but I saw the teacher in her come out, as she’d take my small children by their hand, and help them count or color or participate in the daily craft or listen to her as she discussed the day’s lesson plan for social studies.


When I entered junior high, my grandma sat me down for “the talk”. It’s not what you think. See my grandmother lived with the motto “she who dies with the most great grandchildren, wins”. Each of us grandchildren got the talk at an early age – she informed us that we had one job, and one job only in life……to bless her with lots of great grandchildren! She loved each and everyone of her great grandchildren, and here she indeed was blessed. My youngest was #29, and he is not the youngest great grandchild! When I brought Kaiel to meet her, she couldn’t always remember who I was, but as soon as I said “Grandma, meet your newest great grandchild”, her arms were held up and I was told to “hand him over”. She held him, and instantly fell in love with him. I told her it was my fifth baby and she told me that I was just like her now, that she had five children too and it was the perfect number! She is one of the few people in my life that understands my joy in my large crew of children! My children enjoyed visiting great grandma, and even if she could not remember them from day to day, they, like myself, always felt her love.


Last week, this world gained another angel in my grandmother, and yesterday her immense family packed a church to say goodbye. Again, I sat amongst the hundreds of photographs that told the history of a lifetime and had to choose just a few that would sum up my Grandma’s life. I find that a very difficult task, to narrow down 98 years into one five minute show. How do I show the world who this very dear woman was to me? One thing is for certain, all the photos showed the very heart of this family!


On my last good visit with her, I told my Grandma that I loved her, she replied to me “I know that dear, aren’t I lucky?”. It was I that was the lucky one. God speed my dearest Grandma, your sunshine shall always be missed.